Who uses our services?

Our target groups

privatkundenPrivate customers

Whether you want to change your internet or hosting provider, your stored e-mails should not be lost but be retained after you have switched providers.

Our services make it possible to migrate your e-mails without any loss of data.

kmuSmall and medium-sized businesses

Whether you intend to change your provider or outsource your mail infrastructure – we give you the opportunity to migrate single mailboxes or entire infrastructures without data loss.


As a corporation, your business is distributed to different locations – even across Europe or the entire world – there are several areas within a corporation that accumulate high data traffic. A manual migration is nearly impossible – our services make it possible to to migrate all of your mailbox data without data loss. Additionally, you can use our archiving options in order to secure permanent data accessibility.

systemhaueserComputer retailers

As computer retailer you have a broad product portfolio available and usually a big customer base. With our services, you can efficiently expand your product portfolio and offer a flexible option for mailbox migrations to your customers – the pricing is entirely in your hands – you can set your own scale of prices and generate additional revenue.

hosterWeb hosters/e-mail providers/ISPs

As web hoster, mail provider and or ISP you have an existing customer base and offer mailboxes and ISP services (among others). By adding our products, you expand your portfolio and generate additional customers since you can benefit from the advantages of automated mailbox migrations and be ahead of your competitors. It is also an option to market our solution as “yours” – on request we offer whitelabel solutions. We would be glad to propose an individual offer according to your needs/desires.

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